We are a unique Brotherhood, not understood outside our own ranks. We are a Vietnam veterans M/C only, with no interest in territory disputes, political agendas or the business of other motorcycle clubs or organizations.

Veterans of Vietnam:  An exclusive club of Vietnam Era Veterans of all branches of service, who own and ride motorcycles. We prospect and patch only honorably discharged Vietnam Era vets (1959-1975) so we are a dying breed.

Nomad:  A Nomad is an individual who is not bound by geographical territory. We are a military veterans club, whose members are scattered across the U.S., some choosing to lead somewhat solitary lives, and we do not have enough members in any particular area to form a club chapter.

Renegade:  We have been branded "Renegades" by our detractors. We embrace the term as meaning outlaws or rebels, denying, renouncing and failing to follow blindly the edicts of Dictators. We are individuals acting for the good of our Brotherhood.

Members of this club have something special. Not many Americans can be part of this club. We are an elite class of veterans. We served our country when it wasn't popular. It didn't matter if we were in-country, supporting or serving wherever our government wanted us. We did it with pride and commitment. That is why the members of this club are dedicated and committed to supporting the United States Armed Forces and all veterans. We have been there, done that.

We are committed to the brotherhood of the VOV NOMAD M/C and ride for those who can't. Ride safe and be proud of who you are. We are looking for like minded Brothers but membership is by invitation only.

There are many stories, some funny, others sad as the club evolved from what was conceived by a couple of Vietnam veterans in Missouri. No one person is responsible for the success (or failure) of the club. It is a team effort. Individual members do stand out and their contributions are greatly appreciated and acknowledged. We have accepted the NOMAD rocker and the long, lonely rides to meet our brothers that go with it. Our hair is turning white with time but we have found life long friends in the VOVMC. We are fading away one by one but we will have our memories forever. 

If you are willing to take a stand and meet the standard, use the contact form for further information.